Run With Us

We want to run with you.

My Fiancée Hannah and I have been discussing recently about what we love about trail running and what it means to us, we decided that although we like the atmosphere surrounding races we love the adventure and exploration of heading out on trails in new places.

Running has definitely changed our lives, we have found and explored so many new places and made a lot of new friends that we would never have done without running, and we want to do more.

This is where you guys come in……

As trail runners we all have our favourite trails to run on, whether it’s hilly, technical, fast, woodland or flat they are all great in their own way, and myself and Hannah want to share them with you. So what do we need from you?

I will posting this text up on my website, on Instagram and on my Facebook page, and it would be great if you guys can leave a comment or send me a message about your favourite trails, and in return we will come and run them with you, doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are in the UK, as much as we would love to explore more trails around the world the funds won’t allow that at the moment but maybe in the future who knows. Keeping in the spirit of this idea we want to keep everything as an adventure so we are hoping/planning on camping at any routes too far away to travel to in a day, so if you also have any suggestions of campsites nearby that would be great.

My aim is to document the whole adventure on social media so that on top of us running some great trails and meeting some more of you lovely people we can hopefully inspire some more people to get outside and enjoying the trails more. Although this was mine and Hannah’s idea it’s really important to us that we include as many of you as possible and we want you to have as much of a adventure as we do, so if you have any ideas or suggestions fire away. There’s really no limit to this, so no need to worry about your abilities, we don’t care if you run slow, can only run short distances, the main thing is that we have fun so let’s get involved.

We look forward to meeting some more of you and enjoying the trails together.

Neil and Hannah


  1. Phil whiting
    28/07/2018 / 23:52

    An easy one for you: the route around Blickling Hall Estate.

    • poweredbytheveg
      29/07/2018 / 09:03

      Great suggestion, I keep meaning to go and run the new parkrun route

  2. 01/08/2018 / 13:30

    Would be interested in doing this with you also Neil

  3. Rach
    10/08/2018 / 21:06

    Great idea … I’m up for sharing one of my favourite trails

    • Neil
      10/08/2018 / 20:56

      Great thanks, we will be in touch when we start sorting out some plans

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