Recently I’ve been working on updating my website and I have decided to not only include my upcoming races but to also include a list of my running goals.

The decision to include this list and put it out into the world wasn’t an easy one to make, from the first time I ran I have always had a list of races or challenges that I’ve wanted to complete but I’ve always kept them to myself. When you start following ultra running you get used to seeing all those great photos and blogs of really tough challenges that others have completed, and it’s great how connected we are to the World nowadays but I find this can make your goals seem a bit less meaningful.

Don’t get me wrong I know that I have some big races on my list but I have also decided to include the ones I’ve completed such as completing my first 10k, hopefully to show others that we all start somewhere and goals are relevant to the person that sets them, if you have a goal to get out and run a parkrun and nothing else that’s great, and definitely not any less meaningful than someone else’s goals of say completing a 100 miler.

You can find my goals in the tab at the top of the page but I thought I’d share a couple and explain why I want to do them.

Peddars Way Ultra – this has always been on my list, I have walked the length of this national trail with Hannah and although it is pretty flat and straight I really love it. I had planned to do it this year but I took the decision to leave it for another year as I hadn’t run that far before and the race is run in January and can be a tough challenge because of the weather. Hopefully I will get to do this next year which will be the day before my 40th birthday.

Complete a 50 miler – Well hopefully I can tick this one off later this year in September, all I have to do is complete the Chiltern wonderland 50 first, all I have to do!!! Having completed a 50k the next obvious challenge seemed like 50 miles so I had a look to see what was around, this one is run by the fantastic Centurion running who are well known for putting on great events so seemed like a good choice for my first one. I’ve already started my training for this and it’s going well, I’m currently running around 30 miles a week and I’m feeling strong and happy so hopefully come September I’ll be ready to make it around the course.

UTS 50 and 100 – This is a new race organised by Apex running that takes place this weekend, the race starts in Llanberis and runs up and around Snowdon, I’ve seen some video footage of the route shot by No limits photography and it looks brutal but truly beautiful. I didn’t feel ready to attempt it this year so this is another one for next year.

As I said earlier you can find my goals on the tab at the top of page, I’d love to hear your thoughts and also some of your goals no matter what they are.

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  1. 11/05/2018 / 20:50

    I think it’s great you’re talking about your smaller goals as well as the big ones. Just hearing about people completing the toughest of challenges can be a big turnoff – much more inspiring to see the journey behind it 🙂

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