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It’s a few days before the London marathon and social media is full of people who are running it, there’s a real buzz surrounding it, but why? What’s so special about it?

The photo above is from the Brighton 10k not the London marathon because I’ve never ran it and I’m a bit disappointed with that but I don’t know why.

I entered the ballot for the London again this year the same as I probably will every year, but I’m not really sure why. I hate running on roads and I hate crowds, both of which are included in the London, yet there’s still something about the iconic race that makes me want to run it, maybe it’s the crowds that make it so special, the support and atmosphere must be amazing and I’m sure it would be great to run around all those famous landmarks, but still my head is screaming “but it’s on roads”!! 😃

I can’t explain it, but apart from the Run Norwich 10K there is no other race that makes me want to run on tarmac like the London marathon does, and come Sunday I will be watching the race unfold on the TV, and then come the end of the year I will be putting my name in the ballot again, hoping to get lucky and get a place in next year’s race.

Lots of people with lots of different reasons run the London marathon, and if you are running it and no matter why you are running it remember to just go out and enjoy it, you’ve got this!

Good luck to all my friends and everyone else running the London marathon this weekend, I think it’s going to be a good one

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  1. 20/04/2018 / 08:45

    There is definitely a lot of hype around the London marathon – I can see how you could get swept up in wanting to be part of the atmosphere. (Hypothetically – I’m not a runner at all, so…!)

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