When I found out about the free to enter Marriotts way ultra I was instantly interested, who doesn’t love a race with no entry fee? It was only a couple of months after my first ultra but I’d be OK, right? 

As the race got closer and closer I began to realise that if I was going to enter it would be a big ask, my training had been non existent and I have to admit that I had lost my running mojo a little too, but I did still intended on entering.

Fast forward to the weekend of the race and I made the very tough decision to not start, this was the first time I had ever DNS and it didn’t feel great. I felt like I had cheated myself, and felt like a bit of a failure, but deep down I knew that I had made the right decision and that there was a real risk of me being injured due to the complete lack of training, but that didn’t make the decision any easier!

It’s been a while since that race now and it still annoys me that I didn’t make it to the start line, but I have got my running mojo back, yay! I wonder if I would have forced myself to start if I had paid a entrance fee? Deep down I know the answer to this would have been yes, so I’m kind of glad that there wasn’t. Why do we feel like a failure after missing a race? The whole reason I couldn’t make it was because I was fatigued after running my first ultra a short while before, so surely I should be focusing more on the positive side of that? I guess it comes down to my character but to be honest that’s a bit rubbish, so I’m going start looking  at the positives, yes I may not have made it to the race but I am now training for my second ultra the Waterway 30, which will be a couple of days after my birthday, and as I have already said I’ve got my running mojo back 😀

When this blog is published I will have just been to the Vegan Runners AGM in Brighton, I can’t wait for this as it will be great to meet so many like minded people and to race the Brighton 10k, so hopefully my next blog will be about how I got on and what happened when the Vegan runners descended on Brighton . 


2 thoughts on “DNS

  1. Meandering Wild

    There is always a reason for not doing something. I am the same with dives. Some days I get on the boat and know that I must stay on the surface. Hard to do but so much better than continuing when you know you shouldn’t!

  2. Jonathan

    Interesting how our investments in something can skew our decision making. I’m glad you didn’t start a race you really weren’t feeling – and perhaps the experience of having to miss it actually kick started your training and helped you get your ‘mojo’ back?

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