Maverick races

As part of the Trail running magazine and Inov8 #committedinov8 competition I was given a place in a Inov8 sponsored race of my choice, after looking at dates and locations I decided on the Maverick races Inov-8 original series Kent, which was a week after Equinox24 (probably not the best idea).

This was my first Maverick event and I have to say that I was really impressed, the event was well organised, the course was very well marked and the dogs that finished the race got their own special medals.

The course was a good mixture of everything especially mud, and even went around the edge of a nature reserve which had to be my favorite part, there were a lot of narrow sections with stiles near the beginning so if you wanted to race you needed to start near the front of the pack, being only a week after running my first ultra I decided to take it a little easy. That was the plan anyway, it didn’t totally work out like that towards the end of the race as I realised I was racing OK, and I finished the race wishing that I had made a effort to go from the front of the pack, and I still finished reasonably high up the field so I’m happy. Running events like this are convincing me more and more about how cool it would be to run with a dog, and it’s looking more and more likely that we will be having a new friend coming to live with us 😃 

I had a really enjoyable race and the free ale at the end of the race was vegan friendly, bonus! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more Maverick race events. My next race is the Marriotts Way Ultra, which is a free to enter very low key event run along the Marriotts way path (unsurprisingly). You can either do the full distance, 36+miles or the fun run which stops at the turn around point at Reepham station. I plan to do the full but I’m aware of how close it still is to completing Equinox24 so will be taking it easier and possibly doing the fun run, I do love the small low key events that have more of a community feel to them so I’m looking forward to this and to hopefully meeting some more Norfolk ultra runners. 

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