The Big Event 

When I decided to start writing my original blog over a year ago it’s title was “my journey to becoming a vegan ultra runner”, and my aim was to document the challenge I had set myself to run an ultra marathon before I reached the age of 40, and although I had set myself that goal to reach before I turned 40 I have always hoped that it would happen sooner, and hopefully it now will.

I am currently 38 years old and tomorrow I will attempt my first ultra at Equinox24, and I am what I would call “a little nervous”! The idea of the event is to run as many 10K laps as possible within the 24 hour time limit, sounds easy right?

I can run 10k that’s fine, so I just need to repeat that right?

Repeat that for 24 hours!!!

I don’t think for one second that I’ll manage to keep running for the whole 24 hours, I might surprise myself but……… I have a target distance in my head and I feel confident that I can achieve that, but the problem is that it’s an “unknown”. I feel like I have now got my marathon game down, don’t get me wrong I want to improve but I know that I can comfortably complete a marathon, but anything more than that and I’m untested. Pacing, nutrition, well everything becomes a lot more important for an ultra, the little niggle you have after 20 miles is going to grow into a big niggle after 30 miles.

Two years ago after I had completed my first 10K I wanted to carry on with running and see how far I could push myself, to set myself a challenge, well I guess this is it, this is what the past couple of years have been leading up to, what all the training has been for. What if I can complete this? What next? I am nervous but I am also bloody excited. I’m excited to see what this body of mine will do, how far I can push it and what I can achieve! 

Wish me luck……….. 

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