Running for the fun of it

According to the app on my phone (yes I really am that much of a geek), Trail Marathon Wales is 4 weeks, 4 days and 11 hours away! Training has been going ok, all though I am currently following a 50k training plan ready for Equinox24 in September, and including the marathon in to that rather than following a marathon plan. I hate getting bogged down by training plans where it sometimes feels like you are racking up the miles just for the sake of it, so I’ve tried to throw in some different routes and just run for the fun if it. One of which included a run along the Broads with Hannah


We weren’t expecting much from the run, as we were a bit pushed for time and although some parts of the Broads are pretty the bit we were running along wasn’t the most scenic, but we were both pleasantly surprised about how much fun we had and how the route wasn’t so dull afterwards. It doesn’t always work out when I’m following training plans etc but going for a run with Hannah is so much more enjoyable than running on my own, even if we are mostly just laughing at each other.


This weekend while we were away down South, Hannah decided that I needed some hill training, being the one thing I am slightly concerned about I wasn’t going to argue! So off we travel to said hill and after running up and down a few times I have to say that I am still concerned about my lack of hill training. After a few accents I decided just to run for fun, loosing myself to my thoughts I soon found myself running along some really enjoyable, technical, single track. This is what I really enjoy, and even though I stacked it down a hill I still had some of the most fun I have had running so far which  has made me excited for TMW again and realise how much I need hills in my life.


In between these runs I also had the final race in Positive Steps’ Thorpe Forest 10k series. I was looking forward to this race, as I’ve enjoyed the others before it. There was one slight problem with the race though, my lack of transport to get to the start line, I did think about pulling out but a huge bit of me didn’t want to, mostly because I wouldn’t have the full set of medals. So what did I do?…… I cycled to the race! I haven’t ridden a bike for a long time but still I thought it was a great idea, I wasn’t so convinced 13 miles later, but I made it to the start line. The race itself was pretty uneventful, I decided to take it easy, knowing that I had 13 miles to bike home again. This was my slowest time of the 3 races coming in around 57 minutes, it was nice not to feel any pressure but not something I can do easily, I kept wanting to speed up when I got overtaken. I would highly recommend these races, they are well organised and run on great courses, each one slightly different from the next. One plus point is that even though I was taking it easy I still managed a better time than my first 10k 2 years ago, so maybe I am improving, and I now have a full set of medals!

In other exciting news………. my blog has won the Trail running magazine and Inov8’s #committedinov8 competition, I’m really excited about this opportunity and the  challenges it will involve, hopefully I will be able to share more details about this with you next time


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  1. 16/05/2017 / 18:01

    Congrats on the competition win! And I think we all need a break sometimes from the forced nature of following a plan! I’m slightly jealous of your lack of hill training. I can’t avoid them! 🙂

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