Keep on running 

Well, I’m back with a new site and writing again, hopefully this blog will last longer than the last one, but we shall see.

It must be nearly a year since I last wrote my old blog, and geez what a year it has been, a lot has changed. My last blog was about my upcoming half marathon in Edinburgh, and how I wasn’t sure if I would be able to complete the distance. Well I did complete it, I was in a lot of pain from my knee but I did finish, and I have never been so happy to finish a race. Edinburgh is a great city to be a vegan in, with plenty of options for food, if you ever get the chance to visit I’d highly recommend doing so.

After the success of completing my first half marathon my next target race was the Thetford Iceni marathon. This race was a trail race, and although trail races are generally harder and slower than road races the benefits to running out in nature make them by far my favorite type of race. Again training had been a bit hit and miss and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to complete the distance, but come race day the sun was shining, my legs were eating up the miles and I felt good…….until mile 20! Then I hit the wall that everyone always tells you about and I completed the last 6 miles with a combination of jogging, walking and hobbling.  Again I had never been so happy to complete a race, and I definitely never thought I would be so happy to see Thetford town center.

The marathon and half marathon were my two main races last year, but I competed in 22 other races or parkruns last year, which I know compared to some people isn’t that many, but to me and my first full year of running it seemed a lot, and a number I’m happy with. Most of those races, in fact nearly all of those races were road races, this year I plan to switch that figure around so that nearly all my races are trail, you can find a list of my upcoming races down the side of my blog page. My target races this year will be Brighton marathon, Trail marathon Wales and Equinox 24. I think the one I’m most excited about is Trail marathon Wales in Coed y brenin, I fell in love with the forest and trails of Coed y brenin after attending a trail running course there last year, it really has a very special feel to the forest, and the trails are first class, it’s going to be a demanding race after training in very flat Norfolk. On  top of that I have Equinox24, which I will explain more about in a future blog, but basically it’s a 24 hour challenge race to see how many 10k laps you can complete in 24 hours, I plan to complete the first 50k non stop with no resting or breaks, anything after that I’ll consider a bonus.

With the races and other life changing future plans (more on that later), 2017 is definitely going to be a big challenge, possibly the biggest of my life, but something has changed……I no longer have the self doubt in my running ability, I have never completed more than a marathon in distance, but I know I can and will go further including completing my first ultra marathon before I’m 40. As I sit here typing this it all seems a little bit scary but I keep thinking to a quote from another blog written by Sophie Radcliffe, you should really go and check out her blog.

” A ship in the harbour is safe but that’s not what a ship was built for. Go sailing”

Here’s to a scary but exciting and adventurous 2017

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